Scene Study with Stafford Perry

In this 4-session workshop led by Stafford Perry (Tribal, Wynonna Earp, Black Summer), participants will learn to dig deeper into their film acting technique. With an emphasis on script analysis and character development, workshops will investigate scene study for the camera by exploring the specific asks of given scenes and how actors can implement their acting technique to best serve those scenes.  Learning to make strong, authentic choices while being aware of camera angles and shot composition all to tell the most compelling story within each scene. This is an intermediate level course. Some film acting experience is an asset.

Prerequisite: Acting for the Camera Workshop or previous acting experience.


Section 1
Tuesdays & Thursdays – In Studio

Feb 28, Mar 2, 7, 9
6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Fee: $400+GST

Max participants 8

Scripts will be provided before the workshop.

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