Acting Up: 2 Day Film and Television Workshop

10am to 5pm

Sat & Sun

In this 2 day weekend workshop, both emerging and experienced actors are invited to advance and expand their approach to both self taped submissions, and the audition room, with an emphasis on what is needed to book in this market.  Participants will work on-camera mulitiple times each day as they prepare and shoot everything from self-tapes, to smaller one-line roles, to more advanced scenes and principal characters with larger roles. Participants receive valuable feedback and insight into their performances from peers and industry professionals, and gain practical on-camera experience to help develop the confidence and skills to be successful with self-taped submissions, and in any audition room.

Fee: $375+GST

Max Participants: 8

Age: 15+

Scripts will be provided at the workshop.


Saturday & Sunday

Dates: May 4 and 5 (10am to 5pm)


Under 1818 -3031 - 5051 - 70Over 70